The Practicing Parent: Halloween Safety Tips


efore your little ghouls and goblins head out to trick or treat, here are some safety tips


Cleveland Clinic Pediatrician Dr. Ellen Rome, says the first thing you want to make sure of is that your child can see out of all sides of the mask they may be wearing.



asks are great fun

, but if your kid can't see in the dark or have peripheral vision and may go running into a tree or running into a classmate, that's not good. Try face-paint instead," Dr. Rome said.


American Academy of Pediatrics recommends clearing your trick or treat trail of hoses, toys, and lawn decorations- anything the kids could slip on or

trip over.


e sure to restrain pets and check all of your outdoor lights

- replace any bulbs that are not working.


alk to your kids about staying in a group or allow your older ones to carry a cell phone.

Dr. Rome also says to remind your kids to stay in areas that are well-lit, but says it's always best for a parent to tag along.



or all kids it's worthwhile having a parent there supervising.
That's on the sidewalk and that may be with the little ones, walking them all the way up to the door."


f you get the chance before you trick or treat, try doing a dry run.walk the path your children intend to follow and look for any potential hazards.