The Practicing Parent: Child's activity level reflects mom

Practicing Parents, a new study says a mother's activity level may indicate the child's activity level.

University of Cambridge researchers found that a preschooler's activity level is typically reflective of their mom.

After researchers measured the activity of nearly 600 4 year-olds and their moms, they found over a week's time that most moms engaged in about the same amount of sedentary and light physical activity each day.

Results also showed only 53% of the women met their recommended 30 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity on one or more days.

Cleveland Clinic Pediatrican Dr. Kim Giuliano says this information has been found in prior studies, and this study helps to reaffirm those findings and to show it is true in younger aged as well as older-aged children.

"Moms are serving as good role models for their children, so when they think exercise and physical activity is important, their children are more likely to think that's important," Giuliano said.

Researchers said since mother and child activity levels are closely linked, encouraging moms to be active with their children may result in increased activity for both.

More on the study can be found here.