The Practicing Parent: Bulky coats and buckling up could mean danger

Practicing Parents, if you're morning was anything like mine, you bundled your child in so many layers they could hardly move! In these cold temperatures, we will do anything to keep our children warm and safe. But one thing we may be doing, could be keeping them far from safe.

When buckling your child up for the morning commute, do you leave them bundled up? According to Child Passenger Safety Technician Tracy Tellman, bulky layers and car seats are a dangerous combination.

"We don't want a child to wear a winter coat while they're in their car seat, that's because the winter coat itself could compress in the crash and cause slack in the harness," Tellman said.

Tellman recommends the child wear nothing heavier than a light fleece, "nothing compactable, airy or puffy."

"The way to determine if that coat is too thick is to put your child in the coat in the car seat, adjust the harnesses so they're snug and then take the child out. Take off their coat, put them back in and then fasten the harnesses. Then you can see how much slack you've added by adding that winter coat," Tellman said.

And if you're concerned about your child being cold, Tellman recommends getting a blanket for the car. Or once your child is buckled in, have them put their coat on backwards.

"You have to be ready every single time you get in the car, the way you do that is properly install the car seat and properly put your child in the car seat, those things make the difference in a crash," Tellman said.