The Practicing Parent: Back-to-School Tips

Many kids are counting down the days until school starts and their parents are getting them back into the routine. On Facebook, Practicing Parents
shared what they're doing.

Julinda: We start at least 2 weeks before getting on school schedule and reading throughout the summer.

Melissa: Earlier bedtime and waking them up as I would for school

Matthew: Start backing down the "summer" sleep schedules and working towards the "schoolyear" sleep schedules.

Christina: I started mine a week before school started. Bedtime at 8pm shower at 7pm and then got them up an hour before school would start and make them stay busy reading, writing, or do math problems I knew they would be doing that year.

Practicing Parents, no need to stress about getting back into the routine of packing lunches. According to Dietitian Laura Jeffers of the Cleveland Clinic, it doesn't have to be a painful experience every morning. She says pack a lunch your kids will eat by offering variety.


ncorporating some protein, whether that's lunch meat or peanut butter or cheese, things like that, maybe on a sandwich and some fresh fruit and vegetable," Jeffers said.

She says to try to incorporate all of the food groups and don't be afraid to send along something sweet or a little bag of baked chips. And for parents whose kids are buying their lunch, options have gotten a lot healthier over the past couple of years. Jeffers says whether your child is a buyer, or a packer communication is key.

"I think it's really important for parents and children to establish an open relationship on what they're eating. If they're not eating their lunch- bring it home. If they want to buy something, you know, be open and not have kids

feel like they have to sneak or trade with their friends," Jeffers said.

Experts and Practicing Parents agree, preparation is key before the school bell rings.