The Practicing Parent: Autism study finds sight & sound are out of sync

New study finds that what some kids with autism see is out of sync with what they hear.

Researchers at Vanderbilt University are studying the sights and sounds of autism and have found that what kids with the disorder see is out of sync with what they hear.

"It's like a badly dubbed video is the way we describe it," Head Researcher Dr. Mark Wallace said.

One in 68 children will be diagnosed with autism. These kids struggle with making friends, social interaction and communication. It is not known what causes one child to have autism and the other not to, but now researchers may have unlocked one key on what causes kids to have these

social problems.

"It's revolutionary for our understanding of autism," Dr. Wallace said. "A

nd we believe that, that change in the binding of visual and auditory information is sort of the foundation for the problems that they have in things

like language and communication and social interactions."

Researchers are building on that knowledge by testing a new interactive video game that's designed to retrain the brains of those with autismâ?¦focusing on how rewards help the brain.

"So it basically takes the tuning of the nervous system and shapes it, so that they get better


Wallace said the ultimate goal is to help kids with autism communicate better.


his study also helps explain why some children with autism are often seen covering up their ears or eyesâ?¦it could be the delay in sight and sound that confuses them and makes them focus on one sense at a time.

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