The Practicing Parent: 30 Second Mom

"30 Second Mom" is an app offering quick parenting tips for busy Practicing Parents.

Many of us Practicing Parents know how costly and time consuming raising kids can beNow one working mom is helping others discover quick, easy and helpful tips in just a few computer clicks or taps on a smart phone.

Elisa All created the App/Web Site "30 Second Mom." She says the app is made for busy moms.

"30second mom is a custom platform that we developed so that we can deliver great snackable content to moms and they can read a tip or watch it on video in 30 seconds or less," All said.

Working mom Demika Caldwell says it's definitely made her life easier.

t's definitely helped me find different activities healthier items for my kids, they'll put out recalls, things like that so it's definitely helped my life a great deal
," Caldewell said.

Moms can get tips in 14 different categories ranging from parenting to cooking to finances. They can read or watch video on the subject in the same amount of time it takes to watch a tv ad - like how to create a salad bar night for the kids and how to set limits on screen time for children.

I thought this is it, this our opportunity to reach busy people, busy moms while we have their captive attention in short little periods of time," All said.

All the information comes from experienced moms like Caldwell who has become one of 110 contributors hoping to help make other moms' lives a little easier.

30 Second Mom's top three categories are: kids, health and food. The web site and app caters to moms starting from when they are pregnant. The majority of users are those who have kids ages toddler to pre-teen.

Here's more from the creator of 30Second Mom:

"I thought this is it, this our opportunity to reach busy people, busy moms while we have their captive attention in short little periods of time," Elisa said.

Taking care of a newborn baby can be exhausting and overwhelming, especially for the first time moms. Motherhood is sometimes the hardest job. A mother is responsible for shaping and educating their new born child in the world. She also makes sacrifices and does her best to raise her children to grow into good moral adults. She cooks, cleans, runs a household, helps with homework, reads bedtime stories, stays up late when children are sick, and wakes up in the middle of the night to calm them after a bad dream. Being a mother means having a full time job 24/7, having the biggest responsibilities you will ever have. You can make this job a little easier using the 30Second Mom tool.

30Second Mom is a stream-based site that allows you to follow contributors and categories to enjoy 30-second tips for your mobile life. Each tip is designed to be read or viewed in about 30 seconds or less. 30Second shopping reviews are great for quick and credible reviews and referrals to baby products they can trust. Since launching in 2011, 30Second Mom has gained a reputation for credible content that busy parents can access via mobile and read or view on video in 30 seconds or less. As pioneers in social/mobile media, they have been featured on WGN-TV, Fast Company, Crain's Chicago Business, The Huffington Post, Chicago Parent and more. 30Second Mom is also named one of the Top 5 Hottest Start-ups in Chicago by the Digital Collective, and was a finalist for App of the Year by the Moxie Awards. Elisa All, a Medill School of Journalism graduate, launched 30Second Mom in 2012, at first funding it herself. She then approached U.S. Cellular because she knew that mothers were one of that company's largest target markets, and U.S. Cellular became her launch sponsor. They gave her a sum of money that she said "got us off to a nice strong start." One mom alone is amazing but getting them together to share information, tips and encouragement have been an incredible accomplishment for 30Second Mom.