The Practicing Parent: Routine Recommended

Back to school is just around the corner, are you back into the routine? The Ramirez family of Amarillo is ready for the first day and have been preparing for a couple of weeks. 7-year-old Jenna Ramirez and little sister, Sophie, have been going to bed earlier, reading every night and playing computer math games in preparation for getting back to the books. Jenna starts second grade on Monday and Sophie begins daycare.

Their parents, Jenna and Angel Ramirez, believe setting a schedule makes for a better start to their first day of school. "It makes for happier kids and happier parents really...just to have that routine and stick with it," Angel said.

Amarillo elementary school counselor, Ronay Bach agrees routine is important. "It teaches responsibility and establishes a feeling of safety and security. School routine is their first big step to independence," Bach said.

"If the parents are positive and excited about it, it will make for a great start to school."

And thanks to their parents, it's a day for which Jenna and Sophie are ready.