The Practicing Parent: Clifford's 50

      Clifford, the Big Red Dog is turning 50 and the Amarillo Public Library

      and KACV-TV - Public Television for the Panhandle - are throwing him a

      party-or five!

      Kids and parents are invited to attend ONE of five events taking place

      at Amarillo Public Libraries in February:

      â?¢ Saturday, February 16 at 10 AM at the Southwest Branch Library - 6801

      W 45th

      â?¢ Sunday, February 17 at 4 PM at the Northwest Branch Library - 6100 W


      â?¢ Tuesday, February 19 at 6 PM at the Downtown Library - 413 SE 4th

      â?¢ Saturday, February 23 at 10 AM at the East Branch Library - 2232 E


      â?¢ Sunday, February 24 at 4 PM at the North Branch Library - 1500 NE 24th

      All events will include a Clifford story, activity, snacks, and a chance

      to take a picture with the Big Red Dog. (Bring Your Own Camera.)

      Clifford the Big Red Dog, was first published by Scholastic in 1963. In

      the first book, Clifford is the runt of his litter when Emily Elizabeth

      chooses him for her new puppy, but under Emily's love and care, Clifford

      grew to be 25 feet tall!

      The Clifford series grew to include more than 70 children's books and to

      inspire Clifford, the Big Red Dog, television series which began airing

      on PBS stations around the country in 2000. The program featured

      Clifford and his canine friends, T-Bone and Cleo, as well as Emily

      Elizabeth and friends her age. It was one of many PBS Kids shows

      designed to teach children life lessons, and was popular with kids and

      parents alike.

      Library Youth Services Coordinator Cindi Wynia says Clifford is still

      popular with young readers. "Who wouldn't want a bright red dog that

      was big enough to ride?" says Wynia. "The Clifford books encourage

      young readers to use their imagination. Clifford always tries to do the

      right thing, but sometimes he makes mistakes and has to figure out what

      to do next."

      Celebrations of Clifford's birthday are made possible by support from

      Plains Dairy, Friends of the Amarillo Public Library and the Mays

      Foundation. For more information, go to or