No taxes? No problem! Tax-free weekend is back!

Tax-free weekend is back, giving shoppers the chance to save a little dough.

Stores throughout Amarillo are preparing for the shopping frenzy. Target is no stranger to the back-to-school crowd, and Human Resources Team Leader Cristina Bean said employees are prepared.

"We want to make sure we're finally stocked for our guests. That way, you can get everything that's on that school supply list. We've brought in some extra cashiers to work this weekend so there's not lines at the front. And we also have some extra associates on the floor. Our team members will be ready to assist any of our guests."

Some stores are offering coupons on top of the tax-free discount in hopes of attracting more customers. According to Bean, Target takes precautionary measures to protect the people coming in and out of the store.

"We do have security that will be in the building and they'll be doing parking lot watch, as well as just walking through the building making sure that our guests are safe," she pointed out.

Bean added Target's sales increase by about 25 percent during tax-free weekend, but she does not expect the store to be as busy as it gets on Black Friday. Still, the aisles are sure to be packed.

"I would encourage our guests to come Friday or Saturday," Bean said. "Usually, by the time we get to Saturday evening, we're running low on some supplies. So, it would be better to come out earlier in the day on Saturday."

Tax-free weekend begins Thursday night (Friday morning) at midnight and ends midnight Sunday night.