USA World Cup fans are ready for Belgium match

Team USA takes on Belgium in the World Cup today.

CNN-- Team USA faces off against Belgium in the World Cup today.

Fans of Team USA gathered in Salvador, Brazil all dressed up for the next World Cup showdown. After suffering an injury in the very first game, Jozy Altidore, of Team USA, is expected to make a comeback for this match and fans are eager for his return. Altidore's return is giving fans the hope that this will be a big win for Team USA.

Many soccer fans have managed to escape their full time jobs for the past two weeks for the World Cup, and are worried they may not have jobs to return to once they get back home. Some Team USA fans even request the United States to adopt special World Cup vacation days to make it easier to watch the games. Belgian fans are also scattered around Salvador as both teams get ready for the highly anticipated match.