Till death do us part: Couple dies after celebrating 70 years together

In this September 1941 photo provided by Dick Felumlee, Kenneth and Helen Felumlee pose for a photo nearly three years before their marriage in February 1944.


ne couple from Ohio celebrated their 70th year together when they both passed on. They were inseparable until the very end.

Helen and Kenneth Felumlee of Nashport, Ohio, met as teenagers. They were so eager to tie the knot that Kenneth couldn't wait another day.

The couple dated for three years before deciding to elope just one day before Kenneth was old enough to legally get married.

Before long, Helen got pregnant with their first of eight children.

The Fulumlee's not only took care of each other, they often were taking care of neighbors -- children and adults alike. Kenneth once fixed a neighbor's lawnmower so many times that when it became beyond repair, he loaded her up, took her into town, and bought her a new lawnmower.

In their later years, after retirement, the couple enjoyed traveling together -- visiting all 50 states by bus. Their children said they were deeply in love until the very end.

Kenneth's leg was amputated due to poor circulation, and Helen cared for him until she was too frail to do so, which was only three weeks before their deaths.

Their children knew when one died, the other would shortly follow. And that's exactly what happened.

Helen, 92, passed away just 15.5 hours before Kenneth, 91.