Program pays employers to hire

Washington D.C. will soon be unveiling a new program offering employers $5,000 to hire an unemployed person and keep them for at least a year.

Some experts are saying this plan might work since almost all others in the past have seemed to fail. Small Business Development Center Director PJ Pronger said jobs are a necessity for a good economy and that's why there are so many incentives driven toward jobs.

"There have been a lot of resources made available already over the past year or two or three to incentive job creation and people have gone about it in different ways and tried to do different things and, as of august, it hasn't worked because there's no new job creation in august."

Pronger also pointed out that some businesses might not feel $5,000 is enough to push them to bring in another person to the company.

"I think the question is, 'Is it really going to incentivize people to hire somebody that they wouldn't have hired otherwise?'"

At this point, a lot of people are open to anything that will keep this country from slipping into another depression.