Off-Road Vehicle Management Plan

Once this weather clears up, many of you will head out to Lake Meredith for the summer, but it could be the last time before a new Off-Road Vehicle Management Plan is put in place.

The National Park Service has been holding meetings to help identify potential environmental impacts, issues, and concerns.

There are four different plans in the works, each one different, ranging from incorporating better facilities at camping areas, to having a designated space for children and beginners, and even a fee, identical to the boating fee at Lake Meredith.

The goal is to create a more sustainable park.

"Generally we can allow for multiple uses, you just can't generally have everybody doing everything everywhere because some of those uses just don't match up very well, like people who want a quiet like on a trail don't necessarily want an off-road vehicle riding on that road right next to them," said Cindy Ott-Jones, the Superindent of Lake Meredith National Park.

In six to nine months the National Park Service will develop a revised plan that will incorporate a little bit from each of the four proposals. To give your input, and look at the different proposal, check the links at the bottom of this article.