Local missionaries in Haiti

Dr. Keith Flanagan and a friend in Haiti before the earthquake

Dr. Keith and Jan Flanagan are originally from the Oklahoma Panhandle, but have been serving as missionaries in Haiti for 23 years. They passed that legacy of service to their son, Brian, a Texhoma and OPSU graduate who is also serving in Haiti.

Family members still in our area tell us the Flanagans survived the quakes, Keith and Jan live in Port au Prince, just a few miles from the epicenter of the devastating quake. They are members of the Christian Veterinary Mission.

We are working on getting an interview with them about their struggles since the quakes, but for now here is a posting from their blog at about what is happening on their ground, this is from today TMs post.

We had a pretty good shake this morning between 5:30 and 6:00. Our nerves are shot but we are okay. We all had to laugh as we were standing outside, they said Magda was the first one out and she only has one leg! Pastor Johny and Frederic forgot about Mary. She was calmly sitting on the bed when i got down to her. I told her that the house was okay and they would come to get her and not to walk on her foot. I think she was calmer than all of us.

For the complete post, and how to help Dr. and Mrs. Flanagan, check out CVM TMs website.