Your true love bought you what for Christmas?!

If you think your Christmas shopping list is expensive, think again, and consider how much worse it could be! You know those gifts in the Twelve Days of Christmas? Turns out, if your "true love" actually purchased all of the gifts in the entire song, their bank account would take a serious hit.

"You can get a container grown pear tree probably starting at around $120 and then they go up anywhere in the balk and burlap size to probably about $400," said Love and Son Nursery Sales Representative, Cindy Lamarca.

That's without the partridge, though! Ddd him, and it's an extra four bucks. Then of course, you'll need two turtle doves at 20 bucks each and three french hens at six dollars apiece!

Think those birds are expensive? Take a look at day four -- four calling birds will cost your "true love" about $480 combined and those five "Golden Rings" everyone is always singing about? They're the second priciest of all the gifts ringing in at $2,000 for all five-- and that's with a narrow band.

Then get ready to fork up the dough for more birds -- 90 big ones for those six Geese-a-Laying and $105 for the seven Swans-a-Swimming. Talk about milking it for all it's worth, those eight Maids-a-Milking come in at about $800! That's just for one day!

If you still want to press on, when buying nine Ladies Dancing and ten Lords-a-Leaping, don't forget to consider the price of costumes and preparation time.

"It's going to be a little bit expensive so be prepared," said Lone Star Ballet Director of Dance, Vicki McLean. "You've got the dancers that you are paying to do the performance and then you have the costuming and you have the music development for it, you have choreography for it so it's going to cost you somewhere between nine and ten thousand dollars."

Human labor isn't cheap, so get ready to drop a pretty penny per Piper Piping.

"They receive about $ 75 a service so we would say for something like this they'd probably get a rehearsal and a performance so about 150 dollars a player," said Executive Director of the Amarillo Symphony, Susan White. "So take that eleven times and that's 1650 dollars."

If you've been keeping track, that comes to a grand finale of more than $17,000! Talk about a Merry Christmas!

"I'd say that's quite an exorbitant Christmas gift and whoever is receiving it should be very lucky," laughed White.

I f your true love can afford those Twelve Days of Christmas, it might not be a bad time time to ask for a trip to the Bahamas while you're at it... might as well!