Your personal information on sale via internet

T he internet has made getting information faster and easier. But, did you know all your personal information is up for sale on the internet? Pronews 7 found a website on the Amarillo Crime Stoppers Facebook page that had many of us in the newsroom scared. It's

We tried it on a common name, John Smith, and after narrowing down a city and state, we were able to see the home address, phone number, email and that person's family members information. With a monthly payment of $2.95, the website promises you can access personal records on over 300 million people.

That personal information includes a persons background information on themselves and of their family, how much that person makes, their email address, photos that have been uploaded to the web, their age, hobbies, lifestyle and any videos. It's a scary thought. One that the Amarillo Police Department says just proves you have to be careful on what information you put on the web. Now, as far as how this website got the information, is unclear. We did find in some cases, the information provided was not accurate.

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