Your odds of winning the lottery are...

...probably worse than you think.

The Texas Mega Millions lottery is now up $500 million, and Texans are piling into convenient stores in hopes of choosing those winning numbers to be drawn this Friday.

The cold, hard truth: Your odds of winning the lotto are roughly 120 million to one. This is by no means to discourage you, but here are some fun facts to let you in on just how not-so-good your chances of winning really are. According to statistics websites you are more likely to...

...get struck by lightning.

...die from flesh-eating bacteria.

...get a hole-in-one on the same hole as one of the three guys you are playing golf with.

...die from a snake bite.

...die from a bee sting. legally executed.

...die from an asteroid collision in the year 2029.

With that said, good luck in your lottery endeavors. Perhaps you will be the one to defy the odds!