You can now tweet, like and watch the City of Amarillo

The city of Amarillo is now on social media. Their Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were officially launched during Tuesdayâ??s city commission work session. They received input from various departments before making the accounts public.

The city says each of these platforms will serve a different purpose.

YouTube will allow the city the post content such as what city employees do. Twitter will allow them to send out information quickly.

Sonja Gross, the communications director for the city says this will allow them to â??share and let people know that we're there to be responsive to their needs.â??

â??Social media is just a really affordable way and a really quick way to get information out and get it across,â?? said Randi Hudson, Interactive 360.

With over one billion users on Facebook and over 500 million on Twitter, social media has become a big part of communication.

â??I think your audience is on social media, so you've got to keep up with wherever your audience is. So if Amarillo is on social media, it only makes sense for the city to be on social media too,â?? Hudson said.

City Attorney Marcus Norris warned the commission about the complications of social media.

â??It's best used for city employees, not elected officials,â?? Norris said.

The city will wait six months before branching out and creating separate accounts for city organizations and departments. This will allow them to monitor activity and interests.