Yee-Haw! Boys Ranch Rodeo coming soon

S lip on your jeans and boots y'all ! I t's about time for the 67th Annual Boys Ranch Rodeo.

"The first year I think there was like 100 people that showed up and the second year it was like 1000 people that showed up and it's just grown ever since then", said Vice President of Donor Relations for Boys Ranch, Tom Novak.

Tickets are only ten bucks and you can get them at the gate. During the weekend, organizers are expecting to see about 10,000 fans! That's good news for Boys Ranch and Amarillo.

"I think it's just good, especially in this community, to come see what we're doing out there, see that facility, see the kids and join us in our endeavor, which is raising children and helping families", said Novak.

"It's up there with the Tri-State Fair, our Chamber Barbeque, the World Championship Ranch Rodeo. It's one of those things that's every year has lots of fans. I still think it's an important event for Amarillo though because it's gives Boys Ranch that profile that they need here in town", said Eric Miller with the Amarillo Convention and Visitor Council.

So, it's a win-win for everyone. The kids get to show off their skills, you get to enjoy the food and a show and it's all for a good cause.

"The real goal is trying to raise some funds to help take care of kids. That's what this is all about", added Novak.

For Tom Novak, that hits pretty close to home.

"Boys Ranch has been my home for 46-47 years now. It's pay day for me whenever I see those young people that are adults now that are successful, that are productive citizens and doing what we tried to train them to do and they come back and say thank you for what we did for them. So that's pay day for me", continued Novak.

Rodeo activities will kick off at ten o'clock Saturday morning. For more information about Boys Ranch or the upcoming rodeo -- check out their website.