Y Cup promotes friendly competition between businesses

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The Y-Cup is pushing the business community of Amarillo to get sweaty and get active for a good cause. The two-week series offers competitions and games for corporate teams and individuals to raise funds for the Amarillo family YMCA. All of the funds during in the event will go directly to benefit Y Programs and Scholarships.

â??Itâ??s a generous portion of our budget. I would say it covers about, maybe, 25% of our budget every year that funds our healthy living programâ??, said Judy Stark, Board Chairman for YMCA.

The YMCA asks local companies to get their employees to participate in a variety of events, promoting both a healthy lifestyle and greater awareness of the YMCAâ??s work and facilities. The event is the Amarillo YMCAâ??s biggest fundraiser throughout the year and averages between $30,000-$50,000 every year in funds.

â??Suddenlink Communications has cohosted this event with the YMCA for 5 years and thatâ??s part of the reason why I think it has been such a great program is because communities like affiliated foods and the banks and all these organizations coming in,â?? said Carrie Irwin, a YMCA volunteer who has been spearheading this event for the past five years.

Along with the good cause of helping to provide funds for the non-profit organization, Y-Cup also promotes friendly competition and camaraderie between the companies and amongst the employees.

â??You come together with kind of, itâ??s competitive, but it still lets those people get to know each other on a different level,â?? said Stark.

According to Irwin, Y Cup is designed to:

· provide management support for employees to be more active and lead a healthier lifestyle

· promote camaraderie within a companyâ??s staff

· provide individual and team competitions in a variety of events to promote community involvement in friendly competition with other businesses

· provide opportunities to showcase your company and its employees to the community

· provide opportunities for your business/employees to be involved as participants, event volunteers, spectators and/or as an event sponsor

Various events include 3on3 basketball, a 5k race, a frisbee golf tournament, a tug-of-war contest, a volleyball tournament, and a softball tournament. At the same time, the YMCA will be promoting a health challenge for all of the corporations.