Xcel Energy sends crews to help in Oklahoma

As part of a mutual aid network, Xcel Energy is sending employees to El Reno, Oklahoma to help restore power.

They had sent a group of personal to Moore, Oklahoma who returned last week.

The fleet is made up of 36 men from Texas and New Mexico who left this morning from the Amarillo Technical Center.

A safety consultant was sent as well, making sure everyone was up to date on their tetanus shots before working in the debris.

Spokesperson for Xcel Energy Wes Reeves says one of the side effects of bad storms is the loss of power.

â??Weâ??re seeing close to 50,000 customers of OG&E in the Oklahoma City area without power, so we've been called back to help our neighbors.â?? He says, â??Help from Xcel personal is invaluable in times like these and the benefit of being part of a mutual aid network is that someone is always looking out for you.â??

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