Xcel Energy adds new power line in north Amarillo

Xcel Energy has completed a new high-voltage transmission line in northern Amarillo to boost reliability and network capacity in the outer rings of the city. This is just one in a series of upgrades to the city's transmission system.

The new 115-kilovolt line runs six miles between two new substations on Cherry Avenue south and Hastings Avenue. Total cost of the project, including the substations, is $21.3 million. Transmission lines are considered the "highways" of the power grid, moving power from the generation sources to substations in regional towns and cities.

"These lines boost the capacity of the system, which helps us meet the growing demand for electricity in north Amarillo and around the city," said David Hudson, president and CEO of Southwestern Public Service Company, an Xcel Energy company.

This line is the follow up to a transmission line completed in April 2013 in the southern part of Amarillo. A third project in eastern Amarillo will begin work in January 2015 and is projected to finish six months later. Additional studies are underway for tranmission improvements in southwest Amarillo, another area where new customers are being added.

More information about Xcel Energyâ??s Texas-New Mexico transmission line projects, including the Rolling Hills-to-Hastings transmission line, can be found at