WTAMU sees biggest enrollment to date; tuition costs will rise for some

WTAMU sees biggest enrollment to date; tuition costs will rise for some

Employees of West Texas A&M University said they will see an increase of more than 400 students, making this school year the most student enrollment the university has ever seen.

WTAMU freshman started moving into the resident halls on Wednesday. Some of the current students helped the new freshman move in, and said theyâ??ve never seen this many people in the resident halls.

"I've never seen it this full before," WTAMU student Hope Wentz said.

Dan Garcia, the Vice President of enrollment at WTAMU, said the increase from their academic programs that are in high demand, their low out-of-state costs, and a high increase of international students are some reasons for the increase.

Garcia said with more students, comes more costs. He said the operation costs of the university have gone up, and state funding has been cut back over the past few years.

â??The operation budget from tuition rate has gone up in the past 8 years from 21% to 48% because of reduced state funding,â?? Garcia said.

He said the tuition rate freshman will pay coming in is the fixed rate they will pay for their 4 years at the university. The current students are the ones who will see the increase.

â??Itâ??s going to increase for every student. It just depends on class standing. For a senior in their last year here, the bill will go up $50. For a sophomore, they pay about $160 more than the bill was the previous year,â?? Garcia said.

Garcia said they eliminated more than 370 course fees. For the current school year, freshman will pay $3,685.80, sophomores will pay $3,645.48, juniors will pay $3,605.58, and seniors will pay $3,566.38.

Garcia said in a recent presentation given by the president of the university, WTAMU is expected to have a total expenditure budget of more than $121,000, and a total revenue budget of more than $130,000 in the fall year of 2015. The presentation also states the university used to get $33,204 in state appropriations in 2010. The amount they receive now is $28,805.

WTAMU campus security also said theyâ??ve increased officers for move in week, but have added more officers to the department in general over the past few years.

â??Weâ??ve added officers over the years for projected growth. There are more officers now than ever before. Two to three officers for a university this size, itâ??s pretty good coverage,â?? WTAMU Police Patrol Corporal Kyle Hawbaker said.

Hawbaker also said they will also be adding more officers for the new Amarillo campus.

Garcia said classes start August 25.