WT students move into their dorms

It's been a chaotic scene at West Texas A&M University as students spend Wednesday moving into their dorm. A day filled with emotions of excitement, fear, and sadness, and that was mostly from the parents.

At WT, they call move-in day, organized chaos. From checking in, to loading up and carrying all those boxes.

"It's horrible, there's people everywhere parking was difficult, just to find a parking space," said Mark Snider, Father.

Ryan Pearson, a recent Pampa High School graduate felt differently.

"Everything's been pretty smooth, everything's been going quickly. I thought I was going to show up late, but it turned out pretty good".

At Jones Hall, the guys are moving in. Their bare essentials include Tv's, games and movies. However, if you glanced across the way at Cross Hall, you can see the girls pack a lot more. From decorations, all the clothes and shoes.

"I think I'm on the border of being a hoarder, because I just want everything because I'll need this, I'll need this, but I'll never use it," said Elyssa Snider, WT Freshman.

For students and parents, it's not just the move itself that's hard to deal with, but the emotions.

"Physically it's horrible, I'm so exhausted and I've only been moving 15 minutes. But emotionally, it's not much fun either, this is my baby moving into today so it's my third one and it's a little hard thinking about that," said Mark Snider.

"I'm kind of nervous because I'm moving away from a lot of my friends cause they're still back in high school. But then I'm really excited because I can't wait to go out and get active," said Elyssa Snider.

"It's been a lot of fun, actually WT had made it a really good experience I think. But it's also kind of sad, it's bitter sweet because your child is moving on to a new chapter in their life, but leaving home so it's still kind of sad," said Marion Wynne, Mother.

An exciting new chapter, leaving the comforts of home for college life in the dorm.

Classes for West Texas A&M University begin Monday, August 27th. The same as several school districts in the area.