WT hosts 30th annual Carol of the Lights

West Texas A&M University has decked the halls and the lights have been turned on. For 30 years now, WT has made Carol Of The Lights a yearly tradition.

â??It brings everyone together not just a small group of people but everyone as a whole, makes them see everyone, because you can see all your friends here, everyone comes together. Itâ??s a big gathering. Everyone loves to hang out; that's what WT does,â?? said Seph Stiles a WT student.

Most of the students spoke about their high praises for WT, as some were from out of town. Saying it helped bring the feeling of home, to them.

â??It's good that WT is involved in these kinds of things. It really allows the community to come together and students at WT who don't live here to come and be involved in the city and its activities. As a WT, student I really love that we have Carol of the Lights. It helps us to be more involved in the community and it helps to unite the community and the students together and it really helps students feel at home,â?? said Hope Lareniere, a WT student.

As the lights began to brighten, familiar Christmas tunes filled the air, such as The First Noel, Jingle Bells, and several others.

Dr. Patrick Oâ??Brien, the President of the University, was not able to attend, in his place, Dr. Wade Shaffer, the Vice-President of Student Affairs.

For some of the students who showed to the event, they felt as if it was a large family coming together for the holidays.

â??It makes WT a family, cause it's just one of those traditions that people know about get excited about every year. I know I've been here for four years and it always makes me a little excited to see all the Christmas trees are going to be lighting up,â?? said Sean Oâ??Rear.