WRCA rodeo comes to Amarillo

The cowboy has long been a romantic and iconic symbol of the American West - and this weekend (Nov. 7 - 10), real working cowboys from across the country will be in Amarillo keeping the cowboy way of life alive and well. The 18th Annual World Championship Ranch Rodeo at the Amarillo Civic Center will feature a nightly show, various competitions for all ages, cowboy poetry, and trade shows.
"It certainly is entertaining," says WRCA Manager Mandy Morton. "The ranch bronc riding, the wild cow milking everybody always gets a kick out of - but our announcers are very good at explaining to the crowd why this event is taking place, how it would take place on a ranch on an everyday basis."

Since 1995, the Working Ranch Cowboys Association (WRCA) has been working toward its mission of preserving the working cowboy lifestyle, and the annual rodeo serves as one of the primary fundraisers for the association, which in turn uses that money for scholarships and crisis funds for ranchers.
"The World Championship Ranch Rodeo is a vehicle to help provide funds, to raise those funds," says Morton. "Plus, it helps to educate the public as to what a rancher does every day. Most of the events are based on what they do at the ranch every day in making their own living." The nightly shows for Friday (Nov.8) and Saturday (Nov. 9) have already sold out, but as of this writing, there are still tickets available for Sunday's show. However, the trade shows, expos, and other exhibits will remain open and free to all throughout the weekend. If you'd like a more detailed breakdown of the schedule or if you'd like to purchase tickets for Sunday, follow the links attached to this story.