Worley Building in downtown Pampa may soon have a new purpose

Worley Building in downtown Pampa (Drew Powell ABC 7 News)

The Worley Building has been standing at the corner of Somerville Street and Francis Avenue in downtown Pampa since construction finished in 1929. After becoming vacant in the mid 1980's the owner of the building has plans for the future.

The founder and president of Carol Peet Ministries are looking to transform the building into a human resource life training center.

"It will have to be gutted," said Carol Peet, building owner. "New construction will have to be done on it. We want to keep the outside façade as much as we can but some of it needs to be repaired. There will be changes in here for sure."

The estimated cost of restoring the 12,000 square foot building into a human resource life training center is around $4 million.

"That figure is high but it's due to the materials inside the building that need to be abated," said Richard Followell, Pampa resident. "There is mold and asbestos and other stuff that needs to be cleaned and hauled away. It's going to take a lot of work."

Once funding is secured the game plan is to offer services to people. The owner of the property says it's fitting to want to help and enable people to develop their potential since the original owner Mrs. Worley had the building built as a hospital.

"Nobody knows what their giftedness is until they plug into God," said Linda Risley, Treasurer of Carol Peet Ministries. "God will open all kinds of doors if you allow him into your life."

"I would like to set up a means for leaders from all over the country to come to Pampa and spend a week here," said Peet. "We would like to train them in leadership and this will bring resources into the community."

The owner of the building tells ABC 7 News they are not pursuing grants because of stipulations that come with grants. She is confident they can raise the money through their members and donations from the community.

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