World Alzheimer's Day hits home in Amarillo

It's a disease that affects some 18 million people worldwide: Alzheimer's.

Its cause still remains a mystery and so does a cure. So, people everywhere recognized Wednesday as World Alzheimer's Day to raise awareness and support those who suffer from this debilitating disease.

"It's not the things that happened a long time ago because you remember those still, it's things that happened five minutes ago, ten minutes ago. Things that you took for granted, things that you used to do", said Geriatric Nurse Practitioner for Texas Tech University Heath Sciences Center, Margaret Dean.

Some, like employees at the Alzheimer's care center, at The Cottages at Quail Creek even sported their purple today to show their support.

The Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center offers services to those who have Alzheimer's, or think they might have memory problems and to their families.

"We give the families information that they need to be able to deal with their loved one. They're doing this move to a safer situation and not to feel guilty", added Dean.

Because, this worldwide disease still hits home, even in Amarillo.

"Yes, as a worldwide situation, it's very important, but its on our own community too", said Dean.

D ean also told us that by the time you reach 85 years old, you have a 50 percent chance of developing Alzheimer's.

I f you would like more information about the services Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center can offer you, or your loved one, visit their website.