Working Thanksgiving

While most of America gets to stay home on Thanksgiving, many others do not have that luxury still having to go to into work on the holiday. More and more businesses are finding themselves open on the holiday, keeping workers busy at their jobs and away from their families.

Many establishments in the Panhandle were open Thursday despite the holiday. While away from their families, many people were still able to keep their holiday spirit and make the most of their day at work.

Linda Sells who works security at Baptist St. Anthony Hospital said it felt great to be working on Thanksgiving. â??Weâ??re all just one big family here at BSA. And itâ??s just no different than actually being home.â??

Places like Jesus Christ is Lord Travel Center and Starbucks were also open for business. For them, Thanksgiving was just like any other day.

Cashier, Angie Dela Cerda felt blessed to be able to work Thanksgiving. â??Iâ??m here to greet people and to send them blessings along their way,â?? she said. â??There is no place else Iâ??d rather be.â??

Many workers knew people would still be on the roads getting to where they needed to get to. Businesses were conveniently open for when people needed their services.

Although there are countless workers spending their holiday at work instead of being at home, several of them keep on a brave face and enjoyed their time at work.