Woodworking shop to offer memberships

On any given weekend, there are thousands of men and women across the country trying their hands at wood working.

But not everyone has the knowledge or the tools to experience necessary... until now.

There's a brand new business geared exclusively to the wood worker in all of us, and it's called, appropriately enough, The Shop.

Sure, just about every woodworking d-i-yer has a couple saws and a drill...but walk into The Shop on southwest 7th and you'll immediately feel like you've been shopping in the toy section of your local lumber store.

Started by the Davis family, Danny runs the place and it seems there's sawdust in his family tree--pun intended.

His dad started the woodworking classes at Caprock back in '68 and he now teaches there as well and decided to start up this place to help people with their love of working with wood.

"It's unplowed territory and I don't know how many folks who venture out to this degree and to be honest, we're all in. We've jumped in with both feet and we're going to keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best," said Danny Davis.

It's sort of like joining a gym. Become a member, take some safety and woodworking classes and have access to the pros and the tools...something you won't find in backyard shops and garages, according to Davis.

"Truth is, its about 10% skill and 90% common sense but the key to really fine work is the equipment and if you have the proper equipment you can produce most anything you want or can dream up or design."

And they're outfitted with the latest equipment on the market...for any level of expertise.

"I don't know that i know everything about woodworking, but I do know folks that do..."

They're starting to sign people up now, so all you need is a little sweat and determination to carve out your place in The Shop.

For more information on the shop, you can visit the website, or give them a call at 373-5950.