Woman indicted for driving tractor drunk, causing more than $100,000 damage

The woman who police say drove a large farm tractor drunk and caused more than $100,000 damage back in April has been indicted by a Potter County Grand Jury.

Pronews 7 confirmed 20-year-old Delani Hazen was indicted on a charge of criminal mischief. Hazen, of Logan, N.M., allegedly drove a tractor while intoxictaed without its lights on down I-40 just after early Friday, April 15.

Police said she wrecked the tractor into a barbed wire fence on the north side of I-40. Extensive damage was done to a business and its parking lot. The John Deer farm tractor, driven by Hazen, had crashed into and wedged itself on top of a parking guard in front of the business. Damage to the front as well as to the fuel pumps was also reported in addition to the fencing.

Because of the incident, Xcel Energy power poles were also discovered damage which caused a power outage to the Bushland community Friday morning.

Hazen was taken into custody on the charges of Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle and Driving While Intoxicated.