Woman evades arrest, officer fires at vehicle

On Monday, Florida Avenue in Pampa seemed calm and undisturbed.

But that was not the case Sunday afternoon after Pampa police received a 9-1-1 call from a witness saying a vehicle had just driven into a yard -- and hit a man.

When officers responded to the 400 block of Florida, they found the vehicle was still in the yard.

"The driver was ordered out of the vehicle. The driver refused to comply with officers", said Pampa Crime Prevention Officer, Stormy McCullar.

Later identified as 55-year-old Karla Dobbs, the driver first tried to evade officers by driving away, then put the car in reverse.

After backing up, the driver then began heading east-bound on Florida directly towards an officer. That's when the officer fired his weapon into the hood of the vehicle, disabling it.

"The driver was then removed from the vehicle and taken into custody", said McCullar.

Dobbs was arrested and taken to the Gray County Jail for Aggravated Assault on a Public Servant. The victim was not injured and Dobbs was treated on the scene for minor injuries unrelated to the shot that was fired. Overall, it was a relatively short-lived incident, thanks to the quick reaction of the officer.

"Anytime an officer feels like a life is in danger whether it be a civilian or whether it be an officer, that's the reason why and due to the car coming towards him", added McCullar.

It's a situation officers rarely find themselves in in Pampa and for that, Pampa PD is glad.

"Pampa is a pretty small town so it's not a common thing that occurs here, we're very fortunate with that ", said McCullar.

The case is still being investigated by Pampa PD and the Texas Rangers.