Woah! Snow!

It looked like winter and felt like winter but, it's not even Halloween yet!

"This is uncommon but is not unheard of," said National Weather Service Meteorologist Sarah Johnson. "We've actually had measurable snow as early as late September in Amarillo before and we've actually had snows over an inch as early as October 8th before."

Mother Nature gave the Amarillo area quite the "white" surprise Thursday morning, totaling 3.1 inches of snow in the city . Although there wasn't much ice, Paul Braun with the Texas Department of Transportation says it's time to start thinking about driving for winter conditions.

"Number one, have your car in good working condition. Number two, do not use your cruise control in weather like this because you never know when you're going to hit an icy spot," said Braun, TxDOT's Public Information Officer. "Drive for the conditions, drive safely. Give plenty of room between you and that motorist in front of you in case they spin out."

Even though Amarillo residents saw plenty of it Thursday, the forecast calls for not that much snow this winter.

"It doesn't necessarily preclude events like today or big cold outbreak. We can still get that but on average we should be warmer and drier than normal", added Johnson.

But that doesn't mean you shouldn't start "winterizing" your car. Make sure you keep an ice-scraper handy and you might even want to think about keeping a 'winter survival kit' in your car.

Braun suggested, "Warm blankets, cans, water, candles, non-perishable food, things that will help you if you are stalled in traffic. We saw a lot of that a couple Christmas' ago on US 287."

P racticing a few good tips , we'll all survive this cold spell safely . C lean off your windows before driving, slow down on the roads and of course, never eat the yellow snow.