Wireless system wasn't staying connected

On the eve of its dedication ceremony, there were some big concerns earlier in the week with the renovated Potter county courthouse. The newly installed wireless system was dropping about 30 percent of it's connections and replacing the system would've cost time and money.

From the outside, the courthouse looks just about ready for occupancy...but earlier this week, they were scrambling when the wireless system that would run computers, phones and dozen of other devices, started dropping connection in the 70 percent range, according to Potter County Commissioner, Mercy Murguia.

"Is lots of what's being called bridges were being dropped so without getting too technical, there were 70 bridges brought on line and about 21 of those were dropping.

Correcting the problem was the problem. It could've meant ripping out the walls and installing new systems or hiring people just to maintain the equipment constantly with big price tags. The third and best option was

getting the current system fixed.

"There has been collaboration this week as we work toward a resolution and we all want to see that work, see the infrastructure work, unfortunately, we tend to think worst case scenario and what's it going to take to resolve it and so that could be the hard wiring $3 million dollar figure that was thrown out on the fly in court on Monday," said Murguia.

After a conference call with the system's designer, Meru Networks, everything appears to be working today.

Murguia added, "They've been working on a resolution and roughly 93 bridges are online and not any of those are dropping. It certainly would have been helpful not to have any of these issues with as much has happened with this courthouse, the delays, the construction delays, so we're all very mindful.

I'm a new commissioner and coming in on the tail end of some of these decisions, but I'm just as committed to see this project competed with the tax payers interests in mind."

Just in time with move-in still slated for next month and the open house slated for this weekend.

The re-dedication ceremony begins Saturday, August 18th at 11:30 a.m. with the doors opening up for the public from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.