Wind tax credit set to expire

The Production Tax Credit, or PTC is set to expire this December, causing the future of wind farms to be uncertain.

PTC has long provided tax credits to wind projects that create clean, renewable energy. As of right now, manufacturers are being discouraged from investing in wind farms facilities in the US.

However, any turbines up and operational before the December 31st cut-off will be grandfathered in, causing a massive windmill race.

"We need to remember that we've got hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of wind turbines," said Arthur Schneider, Director of Renewable Energy at Amarillo College. "We're approaching 1,000 pretty soon here in the Texas Panhandle."

Schneider agrees that though the PTC needs to be renewed, the wind tech profession is still a profitable career to chase.

"Right now they're might be a slight dip," said Schneider. "But a student who's interested in being a wind tech, this is a good job, it's oudoors, it's very challenging physically, but the pay is very good."