Willow Creek Kennels shows its resiliance

February of 2011 is when wildfires victimized the Panhandle, and one place that took a major hit was the Willow Creek Kennels.

43 pets were saved, but 18 didn't make it, and since then, the Willow Creek staff has been housing the pets at a temporary home.

It's been nearly a year now since those tragic fires.

Since then, many people have rebuilt, but the blazes spread so quickly across Potter County and scorched everything in its path.

Thousands of acres, hundreds of structures, and the Willow Creek Kennels, what do they all have in common?

They all fell victim to the fire that was spread quickly by high winds, but that hasn't stopped Willow Creek from getting back on its feet, and now its new home is almost finished.

"We've always loved being out in the country, it's a country home away from home, it's all going to be new facilities just like we had it before except for it'll be bigger and better, and they're will be a lot of new developments when we get everything squared away and open," said Kennel Manager, Laura Teichmann.

The new building will not only be bigger, it will have some new features as well.

"We'll still have the big play yards as far as that goes, we've got heated runs, which is a little bit different, heated floors in the runs, so that'll be good for all breeds of dogs and they'll really get to enjoy that of course. Of course our all-breed grooming and our training will be top notch."

Despite the new beginnings, Laura says it's hard to forget the animals that were lost during the fire, because they were more than just guests at the kennel.

"Even now we stop to think of all the beloved family members we lost, because they weren't just people's pets they were part of our family too, and so we just hope when we get everything squared away that we're going to have a memorial to those pets as well."

Laura says you can't find a community anywhere better than Amarillo, because as tragic as everything was and still is it's just one of those things where everyone pulls together and has your back.

Laura says it was their love for the pets and the support of the community that kept them going, and more good news, the new building is expected to be completed and open for business this spring.