Will Amarillo ever ban texting while driving?

It's the question of the year-- Is the City of Amarillo going to ban texting while driving?

The answer? Well, there's not one.

Traffic Commissioner DJ Stubben said her commission is doing everything they can to ensure the city makes a smart decision.

"It seems like it's going to take forever but we are trying really hard," she said. "We are all volunteers on the Traffic Commission and we have each spent 25-30 hours researching what other cities are doing."

"We are doing everything we can to make a good logical decision," she added.

As for cell phone usage while driving in school zones, the City of Amarillo already banned that last year.

The City of Canyon recently passed a texting while driving ban but Stubben said she believes Amarillo's ban is not too far off.

"We've had meeting after meeting and we've had all kinds of comments from the public," Stubben said. "We're interested in what they have to say and we care."

One argument opponents of a texting while driving ban have is that it takes away people's freedoms.

"We are not interested in making a lot of laws on the book," Stubben explained.