Wildorado ISD offering incentives to increase enrollment

Boxes of iPads sit in the Wildorado ISD school office before students will receive them next week during the first week of school.

Today Wildorado has a small school in a quiet town. But money from local alternative energy sources are transforming the learning process. This school year every student will receive an iPad. The school district believes this will help their set their students technology abilities and skills apart. Some parents also agree.

"I think it's great learning experience because they are going to have to need those skills as they get older," said AISD parent, Angelle Ballenger.

While knowing how to use technology may be important, is the 20-mile commute worth all this technology?

"the commute is not a problem at all, that doesn't discourage me from maybe sending my child to the school district," said AISD parent, Angelle Ballenger.

However, Ballenger is originally from the Dallas area and says she is use to driving further distances.

While Wildorado is able to offer all these incentives and upgrades to their students, the school says they don't necessarily get to choose how they spend their money. They must apply to do so through grants and other ways.

Any left over money is treated in the same way as other school districts. The state will receive the money and to then be recaptured and equalized across other school districts.

But if the school is to increase their enrollment, they could be keeping local money they've received and using it on their students.