Why students are bugging out at school

We're guessing not too many adults get excited about seeing and learning about bugs.

But kids? They're different.

A woman appropriately named, "The Bug Lady" made a stop at the Nelson Head Start Campus Thursday to talk with three and four year olds.

It's this week's Region 16 Spotlight Education report.

"She comes in and spends time talking with kids about the life cycle of the butterfly, which we're studying in Science. She shares with them the difference between bugs and insects



said Kelly Gandy, Early Childhood Principal.

"The Bug Lady", also known as Kathleen Guerrero, is retired from the education field, but still volunteers at schools around the area to teach kids about her love for all things creepy and crawly.

She paid a special visit to these enthusiastic three and four year olds at Head Start, who've been studying the life cycle of certain insects for weeks.

"Kids are really interested in insects and bugs. It's something that they see everyday that is just an automatic interest for them



said Gandy.

That's what the Head Start schools are all about, engaging the young minds of students with activities like this.

"We have a focus to get kids ready for school so we spend time working with kids on school readiness. We want them to be ready for pre-K when they go to the public kindergartens, so we spend a lot of time in different areas, Science, Literacy, Language, Social and Emotional," said Gandy.

Leading up to Guerrero's talk, the students also made dioramas and other art work that explained what they've learned about bugs and insects.