Who's to blame for an elderly man's death?

An elderly man died in August after an altercation with another resident at Sky West assisted living center in Canyon.

Now, Bill West's family is speaking with us about that and how they say Sky West deceived them.

Bill's daughter Terry and grandson Matthew sat down with us today and told us a chilling story about what may be a major injustice to a man who had only been at Sky West for three days.

Terry Wester's mother took Bill to Sky West, where they say the owner personally told them they would take special care of him.

"She took him there on Tuesday and then on Friday she called to check on him and was told that he has been in a little altercation, she called, the rest home did not call her," said Wester. "She was told that he was checked out, he was fine, he had a busted lip, he may have a little damage but he's going to be fine."

When Terry arrived, Bill was in bed and wouldn't or couldn't even roll over.

"When we rolled him over we could see that it was massive damage, and the one side was okay, one side looked like normal dad, the other side was just beaten in and flat and bruised and swollen, his eye was swollen totally shut."

Terry says she began to question whether bill had indeed had anything to drink at all.

"I looked in his mouth and he had blood caked in the back of his mouth and on his tongue and he hadn't eaten or had water or anything...for 48 hours."

The family immediately called an ambulance and bill was rushed to B-S-A.

"One of the EMT on the ambulance told us he had never seen an elderly man beaten like that."

Bill's eye socket was broken as well as his jaw in five different places.

After undergoing surgery and lying in a hospital bed for almost three weeks, on August 18th Bill West passed away.