Where homeless go when they need help

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When I got to Faith City Mission, everyone was sitting down to have their dinner, and at that point, I had no idea what to expect.

The guests started with a hot meal, something you don't get very often when you live on the streets.

Then it was on to some down time in the dorm rooms, where they get a shower, a bed with clean sheets, and a pillow to rest their heads.

"We try to help them to get on their feet, give them a place to stay when it's cold outside, feed them, be real kind to them, to love them and get to know them," said Faith City Men's Dorm Manager, Alfred Henderson. "Some of these guys had a hard time paying rent in certain places, or getting jobs because of their mental conditions or the economy."

One man who benefits from the services Faith City offers is Richard Mitchell.

He's been homeless for three years.

Mitchell lost his job, and as he awaits his disability hearing, he is thankful the shelter is there.

"Just to have a roof over your head, mainly that's what they do for me anyway, plus they feed good meals, they really are," said Mitchell. "I'm hoping and praying this place stays open."

When the winter months come around, that roof can be pretty important.

"I remember last winter, I mean to tell you it was bad, and when we got down below zero and everything, here were a lot of people, if it wasn't for this place. They would have, most people would have died."

Alfred Henderson, a recovering drug addict who was almost homeless himself, says his past experience allows him to identify with what these men go through.

"I was in a situation to where I was in a small town, Pampa, I made those decisions myself to get on drugs. I had jobs and stuff, but I think I maybe I made the wrong turn. I made the wrong decisions."

It's those experiences that motivate him to help these men.

"To see changes in other people, to grow, to see the difference in other people, to see myself, to say wait, I used to be like that and I don't want to be like that again."

The struggles that these men face day in and day out are more extraordinary than anyone can imagine.

So, if see this and know someone who needs help in their life, there are plenty of places around Amarillo that are willing to help, including Faith City Mission.