Where does it need to rain to help Lake Meredith?

It TMs a common misperception that what Lake Meredith needs most to make the water level go up and stay up is a flood at Fritch.

Actually, that TMs not the case.

According to Kent Satterwhite at the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority, a flood is needed, just not at Fritch. It TMs actually needed at a few specific spots in the lake TMs very short watershed.

He adds that a good, heavy rainfall over the Dalhart, Channing, Boys Ranch and Vega areas is needed due to soil type and runoff directly into the Canadian River. He also noted that one heavy rain or flood won TMt raise the lake back up immediately and instead, it will take several flooding events to get the lake back up to near 100 feet, which was where it was 10 years ago.

The snow that the High Plains has seen this winter will help when the spring and summer thunderstorms develop. Why? Well, the winter snow put a lot of water back into the soil and helped saturate it. As such, the melting snow saturated the riverbed of the Canadian River so that floodwaters won TMt soak into a parched riverbed as well as they have done in the past. That way, when the spring and summer rains occur, the water will run off into creeks, streams and, hopefully, the Canadian River and Lake Meredith instead of soaking into an already dry ground.