What's your favorite Halloween costume?

It's Halloween; Monday you'll see little ghouls, goblins and other such creatures crawling the streets going to door to door with pumpkin buckets ready for candy.

Masks, face paint and wigs all the ingredients you could need to dress you or your little one up for All Hallows Eve.

So I went around to fund what's hot, what's not, and why.

"By far we've rented Batman the most, which is kind of unusual. Usually if he has a movie out them we'll go with that movie theme, last year it was Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter, he's still pretty hot this year and of course the Joker to go along with Batman, those have been the renters this year," said Costume Castle Owner, Patricia Rhyne.

When it comes to what was "not"... Rhyne says in here there isn't one for a Halloween costume.

"All of our costumes are really cool you know, it's what you want to be and how you want to dress up, whether anyone thinks it's bad or evil, people want to be in their imagination, that's what we try to put together."

Halloween is seen by some as a time to be as scantily clad as you can be and Rhyne says that's okay when it's Halloween time.

"It just brings up the fun in people and they just want to have a good time. Christmas, it's all hectic and everybody gets really tight and uptight, so this is a fun time to party and just kind of let loose."

However; Rhyne did say there were some pretty odd requests.

"We had some requests for gophers in a commercial? I don't have a gopher costume."

Whether you dress up or not, everyone have a safe and Happy Halloween.

Remember parents if you are going to be out trick or treating to keep a sharp eye on your little ghouls, and also make sure that none of their candy has been tampered with.