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      What's your dog thinking? Canine cognition center study could tell us

      Yale University has opened a canine "cognition center" to study how dogs think.

      CNN -- Ever wonder what's going through your dog's mind?

      Yale University has opened a canine "cognition center" to study how dogs think.

      Yale undergrad and graduate students are working at the dog lab are hoping to learn more about canine psychology through various problem solving games they give to the pooches.

      "One study we're really interested in is whether dogs can socially learn like human kids," said professor Laurie Santos of Yale.

      In one study they watch as dogs try to solve a puzzle - either on their own or with the help of an experimenter.

      The goal is to see how they process information and learn from others.

      The dog in the video, Nell, got a chance to try out a puzzle.

      So far they've tested 60 dogs with hundreds more waiting to come in and go through the studies. And even though your dog may be 'going to college' she still needs you to accompany her. So sit back, relax, and watch as your dog navigates her Ivy League environment.

      And, get this, once your dog is accepted in the program, the dog gets an official letter of admission from the canine cognition center. And as the dog progresses through each stage, it gets its own diploma.