What you need to know about New Mexico's Tax Free Weekend

This weekend, Aug. 1-3, is New Mexico's Tax Free Weekend...but back-to-school items are not the only thing nontaxable.

You might think Tax Free Weekend is exclusively for back-to-school shoppers, but a review of this list might have you changing your mind, grabbing your bank card, and heading out the door. Or not.

This weekend, Aug. 1-3, is New Mexico's Tax Free Weekend...but back-to-school items are not the only thing nontaxable.

The following list is divided into categories. While some seem logical, others are....not so logical.

The following clothing items are nontaxable, but must be priced less than $100 per unit:

Nontaxable items include:

Seemingly logical back-to-school items that must cost LESS THAN $100 per unit: belts with or without buckles;blouses; boots worn for general purpose (winter, dress, cowboy); bras; caps and hats; coats and wraps; coveralls; dresses; ear muffs; formal clothing; galoshes; girdles, bras and corsets; gloves and mittens; graduation caps and gowns; general purpose hats (cowboy, baseball, knit; hosiery, jackets, jeans,neckwear (ties/scarves); nightgowns and night shirts; overshoes and rubber shoes; pajamas; pants; ponchos; raincoat, rain hats, ponchos; religious clothing; robes; flip-flops; sandals; shirts; shoe laces; shoes without cleats; shorts; skirts; slacks; slippers; slips; sneakers; socks; stockings; suspenders; sweat suits; sweaters, sweatpants; tights; trousers; t-shirts; under garments (long johns, etc); underwear; vests, except for hunting and water; walking shoes; windbreakers.

Now, athletic gear is logical for back-to-school items, right? You can buy aerobic clothing; athletic socks; GOLF clothing, caps, dresses, shirts, skirts, pants (but not TENNIS skirts and dresses); jerseys (other than athletic wear); jogging apparel, jogging bras; leotards; running shoes without cleats; athletic shoes; ski masks (but not any other ski related items, so a mask-only seems logical....); tennis shoes; bowling shirts; camp clothing (what is 'camp clothing'?);

Right? Logical enough for back-to-school items that are often found for less than $100 per unit. Now for some not-so-back-to-school-items that still must be UNDER $100 per unit: Baby clothes, baby diapers bibs...because eventually the baby will end up in school? I hope so. Fur clothing, coats and stoles for the fancy, yet reasonably priced student. And antique clothing specifically for wear, not for display.

Now, I don't know about back-to-school wear, but your bridal party could outfit themselves this weekend as well, as long as they remain under $100 per item: bridal apparel; bridal gown and veils; garters; lingerie; prom dresses; bow ties; corsets and corset laces; dress gloves and shoes; suits, slacks, jackets, sport coats; ties/neckwear; tuxedos - purchased, not rented.

And then for those items that could possibly be used in school, but more likely in the work force: clerical vestments; employee uniforms, but not athletic or protective; lab coats; uniforms (occupational, military, scouting, school); aprons/clothing shields; chef's uniforms; choir/altar clothing;

COMPUTERS (up to $1,000) and COMPUTER-RELATED ITEMS (up to $500)

Blank CDs; CPUs; desktop, laptop, notebook, tablets; cables; hard drives; ink cartridges; keyboards; memory equipment (including Disks, flash/thumb also listed floppy know, in case you were wondering.), microphones; modems; monitor; motherboards; mouse; paper; printer; speakers; zip drives; and e-readers if the model has computing functions like word processing, spreadsheets, etc.

SCHOOL SUPPLIES (under $30 each item unless other wise noted:

Assignment books, backpacks for school (under $100); binders, binder clips; blue books; book bags; book covers; book markers; books (for school - under $30); calculators (under $200); canvas for oil painting; cellophane (clear) tape; chalk; chalkboard erasers; clipboards; construction paper; correction tape, fluid, pens; colored pencils; compasses; composition books; crayons, watercolors and other art supplies; daily planners; data storage devices, such as CD drives; divider folders; erasers; file jackets; flash cards; folders; glue and glue refills; graph paper; highlighters; index cards; labels; loose-leaf binders; maps and globes (under $100); markers; masking tape; memo pads; modeling clay; notebooks; oil paints; paper; paste; pen; pen ink; pencil box; pencil erasers; pencil lead; pencil sharpener; pencils, including mechanical and refills; pens, including felt, ballpoint, fountain, and refills; portfolios; poster board; poster paper; legal pads; lunch boxes; protractors; rulers; scissors; sheet protectors; staplers and staples; tape, refills, dispensers; flash/thumb drives (and floppies!); watercolor paint set; zip drives;