What you need to know about Cybersecurity threats

As technology evolves and the popularity of social media and Internet use grows, so does the risk to our personal and national security.

A newly formed Cybersecurity Task Force is hoping to raise yours and Congresses awareness that actions need to be taken.

Congressman Mac Thornberry is heading up that task force. He was in Amarillo Wednesday, to speak to business owners, and warns, you need to take measures to not only protect your business network, but personal as well.

"We all have the responsibility to make sure our home computers is not part of these giant botnet where millions of computers are taken over for a few minutes everyday and used to attack someone," said U.S. Rep. Mac Thornberry, 13th District.

As our world becomes inter-laced with the internet and social media, it's important that you and businesses are protected from an outside intruder hacking in and stealing your information and/or clients.

"How important Cybersecurity is to not only big industries, but small businesses, mom and pop shops, which make up 95% of chamber members," said Jason Harrison, Amarillo Chamber of Commerce.

Congressman Thornberry says right now the frame work has been laid for the House to actually pass bills to improve and increase Cybersecurity. He adds, it's important for Congress to understand how important the task force mission is.

"We've got to increase understanding of members of Congress. Most people in Congress don't have a clue how serious this is and what we are losing everyday the jobs that the U.S. is losing because we're losing intellectual property".

Congressman Thornberry says a huge hurdle for the task force to tackle, easing regulation.

"We need ways to make cyberspace secure for everybody. Something we think about more often. But secondary, we need to change, update really, some of the federal laws that prevent information sharing that is really essential for the whole country to be protected."

Here are some general tips to keep your personal or business computers protected.

- Keep your machine clean- Protect your personal information: making passwords stronger- Connect with Care- Be web wise- Be a good online citizen