What in the Wild, Wild, World of Weather?! Ball Lightning

Believe it or not| there are still aspects of weather that are still a mystery, to say the least. After centuries of research, most atmospheric events can now be explained, and even recreated in labs. There are some exceptions. One of those exceptions is called Ball Lightning.

According to the National Weather Service, Ball Lightning is a relatively rare form of lightning consisting of a luminous ball, often reddish in color, which moves rapidly along solid objects or remains floating in mid-air. It's also known as Globe Lightning.

Ball or Globe Lightning is so named according to its shape, and assumed electrical properties. According to National Geographic, folks who have claimed to see Ball Lightning describe a sphere anywhere from tennis to beach ball sized. Generally experiences have coincided with thunderstorms.

The most interesting thing about Ball Lightning is that it is still un-explained! Even scientists who research lightning as a career have yet to discover a provable theory to explain this meteorological mystery.

As technology continues to improve at a rapid rate globally| scientists suspect it won't be long until we find a reasonable and provable explanation that may have a profound impact on the science community.