Westboro Baptist Church plans picket of Amarillo soldier's funeral: Do we cover it?

The church group infamously known for grotesquely protesting the funerals of fallen soldiers will soon be traveling to Amarillo.

The Westboro Baptist Church, based out of Topeka, Kan., announced on its website that it intends to picket the funeral of Genaro Bedoy.

Bedoy was a soldier of the U.S. Army and was killed while serving in Afghanistan. He graduated from River Road High School in 2010.

Funeral arrangements have not yet been announced.

A Facebook event page with more than 4,000 members has been established to make residents aware of the group's intentions and urge them help block the group during the funeral.

"As American Citizens we must come together in solidarity for the family of this man that has lost his life for our Country," the Facebook group reads. "We do NOT have to agree with one another nor do we have to agree with the political aspects behind the war. This is not about our personal opinons or our personal feelings. This is about guarding the family's hearts from hatred in this time of need."

Pronews 7 wants you to decide if we cover this group's protest any further. Should Pronews 7 give this group news coverage?