West Texas economy prompts Amarillo business to open 2nd location

First Capital Bank of Texas has opened its new location along Soncy Road near 34th Street in Amarillo.

Another business has opened a new location along Soncy Road.

Wednesday, First Capital Bank of Texas opened its doors to a second location in Amarillo.

"This facility is something we're very proud of. A lot of people helped us get here," First Capital Bank of Texas President Greg Burgess said.

Western Builders built the structure designed by Levin architects. Found along Soncy near 34th Street in Amarillo, First Capital also has locations in Lubbock and Midland.

"The economy in the Panhandle and West Texas has been very good to our bank. We're very happy about that, but ultimately it boils down to very good loyal customers that we've been able to grow this bank with," he said. "It's an opportunity to bring a facility to enable us to better serve our customers and it's because of the good customer support that we have that we've been able to do something like this."

According to Burgess, in the next few months the company hopes to expand its hours to late evening and early morning and potentially be open 24 hours a day. "We feel like we'll add a significant amount of convenience as we develop the capability to serve people who have different schedules that don't fit in the normal timeframe of banking hours."