West Texas A&M students show off their leadership skills

High school students and community members were invited to West Texas A&M to celebrate leadership, but also to witness the work of Lead WT's one year project finale.

Student Brittny Herbert said, "The Panhandle regent team has actually been working on this project for a year now. This is the first of our second year, so this project has been on plan for a year, and so today we actually get to implement it."

Young leaders at the university are ready to show the Panhandle community they have what it takes to be successful. Lead WT is a leadership certificate program on campus designed to place juniors and seniors in college, in leadership roles in school as well as in the community.

"We are the panhandle regent team and we decided that a way to fix some of the problems that are occuring in the panhandle is through leadership," Herbert said.

Coordinator of Lead WT, Amber Black, said during phase one of the project, students met with community leaders and proposed budgets in order to prepare for the conference.

"We're talking about how to make things better in our community, just using leadership and so we're really excited about the opportunity for students," Black said.

Herbert said the program will use the remaining part of the semester to evaluate the value of the information students gained from the conference, as well as ways to improve it for next year's students. Lead WT accepts 25 new members a year and only juniors and seniors in college can apply.